Caring for our People

Caring for our people, patients and partners

Our employees, patients and practitioners are equally important in the Ramsay
ecosystem. We are focused on:

  1. Fostering a safe, caring and inclusive culture
  2. Engaging and developing our people
  3. Delivering high quality patient outcomes and experience
  4. Being a trusted partner for our doctors and clinicians
  5. Supporting the mental health and wellbeing all of our people.

How we care for our people

Culture and engagement

We are fostering a caring, empowered and
productive culture to deliver high-quality
patient outcomes and experience.

Reward and recognition

We recognise the value of our people. We are committed to paying our employees fairly and competitively, having a supportive and rewarding workplace, celebrating our people and the positive impact they make in health care.


We always put the safety of our people at the fore and are committed to a high performing safety culture.

Diversity and inclusion

We are committed to an inclusive culture. We celebrate the diverse backgrounds and experience our people bring to the team, and encourage them to be their ‘real self’ at work.

Development and training

We are focused on delivering career development, professional training and experience that supports the career and progression of all of our people.

Mental health and wellness

We are committed to supporting our people’s mental health and wellbeing to create a positive, safe and resilient culture and workplace.

Our Ramsay Cares targets

  1. Achieve gender balance with Board composition of 40:40:20 by 2025 and maintain senior management gender composition of 40:40:20
  2. Strong progress towards top quartile employee engagement
  3. Increasing the development of our people through the Global Leadership Academy
  4. Maintain focus on patient safety training (e.g. Speak up for Patient Safety)
  5. Maintain workplace safety performance
  6. Establish Group Mental Health, Wellness and Resilience Framework
  7. Train 3% of the workforce in mental health first aid by 2026*

*Target applies to wholly-owned entities.

How we care for our patients and partners


We will always deliver high-quality patient care, maintain excellence in standards, safety and accreditation and invest in leading facilities and technologies.

Trusted partner

We aim to be a trusted partner to our doctors and clinicians by supporting their wellbeing and their professional practice.


We are committed to ensuring our patients not only receive high-quality clinical care but also have a positive patient experience, through the entire care pathway.

Our Ramsay Cares targets

  • 100% accreditation
  • Better than national quality benchmarks
  • Maintain patient experience outcomes

“People caring for people is the foundation of our organisation.

It’s about engaging and caring and putting people first.”

Craig McNally

Managing Director and CEO